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Prices 2020/21

Online  Training

Full guidance will be given prior to the training day.

First try MI

An introduction to utilising MI in your workplace.

Training includes a pre-practice package for participants to complete in their own time prior to meeting for skills practice on Zoom.

There is also a post-practice package to help get your new skills up and running.

Cost for a maximum of 15 participants per session £380.

Training is approximately 6.5 hours in total; 3 hours in own time and 3.5 hours together on Zoom. 

In person training

General MI or bespoke training for specific setting/professional context.

7.5 hour training day including allowance for lunch (40 mins) and two short breaks (15 mins each).

Cost per day for a maximum of 15 participants £380 per day plus travel costs and venue hire, if applicable.

Blended learning

A combination of online and face to face.

Courses can be tailored to fit almost any criteria. From introductions to MI for people who want to explore more, trainings can be delivered by webinar or similar with skills practice taught in smaller, specialised groups either face to face or utilising break out rooms and small classes online.

As part of all trainings, organisations will learn how to set up their own MI coaching and feedback sessions to support one another to keep learning and developing. 

Prices vary depending on length of training, location, number of participants etc but the prices above are a baseline to consider.

Prices 2020/21: List
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